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Twinkle Tog - Blue Whales

Once your child reaches the stage where they are learning to walk, we recommend that you move your child from Sleeping Bags to Twinkle Togs to allow your child to find their feet.

Drawing upon all of the benefits of the sleeping bag the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog allows your toddler to move around freely, naturally and unrestricted in their bed, avoiding those upsetting tumbles as they try to get out of bed when their legs are trapped in a sleeping bag. The Twinkle Tog allows you to change your child into their night time covers before they go to bed. If you travel in the car during the evening the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog allows your toddler to be unstrapped easily from their car seat and transferred to bed without unnecessary disturbance.

Made from 100% cotton and with a soft jersey lining, the Twinkle Tog is designed to keep your toddler warm and cosy at a vital stage for their development and independence. The dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog will ensure that your toddler has a comfortable, undisturbed and cosy night - quite simply A Magical Night's Sleep.

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