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Dreamgenii® Feeding Support Pillow:

The dreamgenii® Feeding Support Pillow is designed to fit around your waist and help mother and baby during nursing. The pillow is filled to exactly the right level of support to ensure that you and your baby have a comfortable feeding position, whether breast or bottle feeding.

Product description

  • Ideal to use after a C-Section, as it helps relieve pressure from the abdomen when feeding.
  • A feeding pillow can also help you gain the correct feeding position for your baby, because it can help minimise feeding and digestive issues, such as reflux.
  • The pillow can also be used as a support to help baby to sit upright while they are learning to sit up on their own.
  • Grey Stars design exclusive to John Lewis. This pillow will complement any nursery
Breastfeeding Support Pillow

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